The high quality of our products is reflected in their durability. durability.

For example, one of our perfume diffusers could freshen up your home for 4 and more weeks. Competing products barely last 2 weeks.

Conventional diffusers use rattan sticks that do not absorb or evaporate odors effectively.
Our sticks are made of special material with natural cotton fibers, which evenly emits the high and low notes of our perfume-based scents.


The fragrances we offer put an end to boring and monotonous scents such as:
strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, Turbo gum, etc.

Instead, we offer intriguing scents such as: 
neroli, jasmine and honey all in one.


We have created this line of higher class fragrances  with nature in mind.

Our diffusers do not contain any plastic parts and can be completely recycled.

XNUMX% of the materials we use are manufactured in the Europe.

Air fresheners for your home, office and car

Looking for new sensations? Tired of old and familiar, clichéd fragrances? Something is missing in the home and you are not sure exactly what it is? For these very reasons, we at Air Spice have created many boutique and luxury products so that you can enjoy the space around you in a whole new and better way.

A wide selection of handmade, perfume-based fragrances and scents for every space

The sense of smell is one of the strongest senses, it is so powerful that it can take us back in time, in just mere seconds. With the correct scents you can create the right associations of comfort, coziness and the right atmosphere, whether for home, office, car or other space. With Air Spice, you are one step closer to finding that perfect and most desired atmosphere. Let our aromas guide you in your journey of discovery.

Our handmade, boutique products

Our mission is to combine the natural scents of exotic ingredients and the unadulterated charm of nature in affordable, easy to use, organic products. The specialty of Air Spice is the elegant packaging of carefully selected worldly fragrances and scents to create a most sophisticated and desired atmosphere. Reed diffusers are a wonderful alternative to the ordinary, old-fashioned diffusers with batteries. They use a carefully selected range of elements to create a unique feeling of comfort and coziness in any space. Our scented sprays will send you one a whole new journey of discovery with only one spray. The aroma permanence is inherited from the sustainable nature of natural ingredients, which gives you the necessary control over the atmosphere. Aroma balls are a simple and at the same time incredibly sophisticated method for aromatizing a space. They are amazingly effective, long-lasting with the gradual release of a perfectly combined bouquet full of unfamiliar and exotic shades. Achieve comfort and charm with our special selection of personal perfumes, specially designed to accompany you throughout the day. The careful balance between low and high notes gently stimulates the sense of smell without creating a feeling of excess. This is a classic, but also innovative arrangement, ideal for everyday or special occasions. Who doesn't love the delicate skin and perfect softness of a well-groomed epidermis? With our products for personal care you get the right balance between natural softness and protection, with the ability to repair injured and tender areas. Paper fragrances are a simple, fast, but efficient way to flavor a space. They are durable, with a natural scent without the feeling of excess due to poor balance.

Advantages of our products

Our team invests a lot of attention, love and time in creating each aroma. What we are most proud of is the balance achieved between natural, handmade products, without undue cost. Thus, already in Bulgaria, for the first time there is something new and different from the existing one - there is a lasting, unique fragrance for every space or person. When you make a choice here, you are not just making an investment, but your first step towards a better-smelling world.

Why choose your shopping through AirSpice.bg

Because you do not reconcile with the ordinary, but look for new, unknown things in life. You choose us because for you the use of room or car air fresheners are much more than a cover for the unwanted, but are in fact an adventure with the senses, a journey through our art. Enjoy the perfect composition of the right notes and scents, without clichéd combinations, the smell of strawberry, gum or chocolate. You choose us because you deserve more than the minimum, you deserve attention, love and diligence, you deserve AirSpice.bg.